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Criminal Code Revision Act of 1980 - A Bill to Revise Title 18 - House of Representatives Bill 6915, 96th Congress, 2nd Session

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Date Published
469 pages
The Federal Criminal Code Revision Act of 1980 (H.R. 6915) is presented.
Following a discussion of provisions of general applicability, offenses under the following general categories are defined: attempt and conspiracy, national defense (treason, sabotage, espionage, and related offenses), international affairs (foreign relations and immigration, naturalization, and passports offenses), government processes (obstruction of justice and law enforcement, contempt, perjury, false statements, official corruption and intimidation, and posse comitatus), revenue (internal revenue, customs, and contraband cigarettes offenses), individual rights (civil rights, political rights, and privacy offenses), offenses involving the person (homicide, assault, kidnapping, and sex offenses), offenses involving property (arson and property destruction, criminal intrusion, robbery, extortion, blackmail, theft, counterfeiting, forgery, nongovernmental bribery investment, monetary, and antitrust offenses), and miscellaneous offenses (racketeering, drug, explosives and weapons, riot, and gambling, sexual exploitation of children, and obscenity, public health and safety, and assimilative crimes and other miscellaneous offenses). Also discussed are sentencing and corrections with respect to the offenses defined, administration and procedure, and ancillary civil proceedings.