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Criminal Evidence, Fourth Edition

NCJ Number
Judy Hails Kaci
Date Published
380 pages
This is an introductory course in evidence primarily for criminal justice personnel.
Chapters 1 and 2 provide a basic introduction to the American legal system, an explanation of variations among States and of the trial process and related court activities, including new trends. Chapter 3 defines basic concepts of evidence. Chapter 4 explores direct and circumstantial evidence in more depth. Chapter 5 covers witnesses and topics related to handling witnesses. Chapters 6 and 7 focus on real evidence, preservation of evidence at the crime scene and maintaining the chain of custody. Chapter 8 is devoted to the hearsay rule, including recent Supreme Court cases on the use of hearsay. Chapter 9 covers privileges, with illustrations of each of the eight different privileges. Chapters 10 through 14 are devoted to constitutional issues. Chapter 11 focuses on detentions. Chapter 12 contains a thorough discussion of other warrantless searches, citing more than 60 Supreme Court cases. Chapter 13 covers self-incrimination, with Miranda as the key to the discussion. Chapter 14 is devoted to identification procedures. And Chapter 15 covers the duties of the officer once the case goes to court. Table of cases, notes, study items, tables, glossary, index


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