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Criminal Evidence, Seventh Edition

NCJ Number
John C. Klotter
Date Published
869 pages
This is a detailed study of the rules of criminal evidence.
The book is primarily a textbook for persons involved in the administration of justice and those preparing for a career in criminal justice. Because at least 36 States have adopted rules of evidence patterned after the Federal Rules of Evidence, and the States have looked to Federal decisions for interpretation, this book places much emphasis on the Federal Rules as interpreted by federal and state courts. Part I states, defines, and discusses the rules of evidence. Part II, a study guide, contains leading decisions rendered by State and Federal courts. The main volume’s 16 chapters discuss: History and Development of Rules of Evidence; Approach to the Study of Criminal Evidence; Burden of Proof; Proof via Evidence; Judicial Notice; Presumptions, Inferences, and Stipulations; Relevancy and Materiality; Competency of Evidence and Witnesses; Examination of Witnesses; Privileges; Opinions and Expert Testimony; Hearsay Rule and Exceptions; Documentary Evidence; Real Evidence; Results of Examinations and Tests; and Evidence Unconstitutionally Obtained. The book includes a section that reviews judicial decisions relating to the cases examined in Part I. Notes, glossary, appendixes, table of cases, index