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Criminal Justice in an Entrepreneurial Environment: An Examination of Misdemeanor Probation in Florida

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30 pages
This report describes the three variations in misdemeanant probation programs in Florida.
The report's first section describes the State contract misdemeanor program which provides a State subsidy to county misdemeanor programs and to private entities that operate misdemeanor probation programs. In addition to a detailed description of this program, the report covers its history, subsidy awards by county, program effectiveness, funding, and policy questions and considerations. The second section addresses the operation of county and privately operated misdemeanor programs. This material focuses on the history of such services. The report's third section considers penalties and services associated with drunk driving. In addition to a program description, this section addresses drunk-driving law, program effectiveness, program funding, and policy questions and considerations. The report summary notes that throughout the history of misdemeanor probation in Florida, the financial and operational responsibility has shifted from the county to the State and back to the county again. Private proprietary and nonprofit agencies are a recent addition. The report recommends a number of changes in all three programs to provide for a consistent policy direction. The chief recommendation is for a clarification of the roles of the public and private sector, local government and State government, and executive branch and judicial branch program administration. 19-item bibliography


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