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Criminal Justice, Fifth Edition

NCJ Number
Joel Samaha
Sabra Horne
Date Published
574 pages
This fifth edition of Criminal Justice presents a description of criminal justice agencies, their personnel, and the decisions they make. It includes major new developments in the literature of criminal justice. It reflects a rethinking about criminal justice research regarding theory, policy, and practice.
The book focuses on the decision making process in the criminal justice system. The decision making approach organizes the vast subject content into the formal and informal decision making in the major public agencies that make up the criminal justice system- police, courts, and corrections. Chapters 1 through 4 introduce two major themes in the day-to-day operation of criminal justice, the nature of formal and informal decision making in criminal justice and the sociology, politics, economics, and law of criminal justice. The remaining chapters analyze the nature and operation of the principal public agencies of crime control, beginning with the police, followed by the courts, and ending with corrections. The final chapter contains a brief overview of the structure and process of juvenile justice. Appendices A and B provide additional information on career in criminal justice and the Constitution of the United States. Glossary and indexes