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Criminal Justice Uniform Cost Report, Fiscal Years 2010 to 2012

NCJ Number
Michele Connolly; Jamie Gardner; Laurie Molina; John Posey; Ed Sinclair; Angela Isaack; John Newton; Kevin Niemeyer; John Wielmaker
Date Published
January 2013
56 pages
This report presents information on correctional costs for the Texas correctional system for fiscal years 2010 to 2012.
Highlights from this report on uniform costs for the Texas correctional system for fiscal years (FY) 2010-2012 include the following: the system-wide average cost per day per bed was $51.90in FY 2011 and $50.04 in FY 2012; the cost per day for operating State facilities was $41.99 in FY 2012, compared to $37.97 for privately-owned facilities; the average cost per day per offender for active parole supervision was $3.80 in FY 2011 and $3.63 in FY 2012, while the average cost per day per offender for basic direct community supervision was $2.99 in FY 2012; and the average cost per day per bed for confining juveniles in State residential facilities was $403.80 in FY 2011 and $366.88 in FY 2012. The report also found that the private contract rates for FY 2011 and FY 2012 for confining juveniles in private residential facilities were $181.22 and $161.42, respectively. This difference was attributed to juveniles with serious medical and psychiatric conditions being kept at State facilities, thus reducing the costs to private contractors of housing these individuals. This report is conducted by the Criminal Justice Data Analysis Team of the Texas Legislative Budget Board to calculate the cost per day information for adult and juvenile correctional populations in the State's correctional facilities, both State-run and privately-run. These costs are used by the State legislature to determine funding levels for these facilities and to provide a means for comparison between correctional programs and previously published cost figures. The methodology used for data collection is presented in detail in the report's appendixes.