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Criminal Process: Cases, Comment, Questions; 1997 Supplement, Fifth Edition

NCJ Number
L L Weinreb
Date Published
147 pages
This "1997 Supplement" to the fifth edition of "Criminal Process" provides supplementary information on Federal and State court decisions pertinent to investigations and prosecution not included in the main document.
The supplement cites each page in the main document to which the supplementary information is relevant. Under the topic of "investigation," the supplement provides information on U.S. Supreme Court decisions pertinent to arrest procedures in the following cases: Ornelas v. United States, Whren v. United States, and Wilson v. Arkansas. Supplementary information on stop and frisk is drawn from the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Minnesota v. Dickerson. Under the topic of "investigation," information is also provided on various court decisions pertinent to a search; informers, eavesdropping, and wiretapping; examination and suspect identification; and questioning. Part Two of the supplement addresses issues pertinent to the prosecution of cases. The court decisions cited address the preliminary examination, bail, the decision to prosecute (United States v. Armstrong), indictment, pleas and plea bargaining, pretrial proceedings, trial procedures, and a new trial. Court cases cited also focus on sentence and judgment (Koon v. United States); appeal procedures (Sullivan v. Louisiana); double jeopardy (Witte v. United States); and collateral attack. Table of cases