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Criminal Victimization in Four Major Cities in Southern India

NCJ Number
Forum on Crime and Society Volume: 3 Issue: 1 & 2 Dated: December 2003 Pages: 117-126
K. Chockalingham
Date Published
December 2003
10 pages
This analysis of findings from crime victim surveys in four major cities in the State of Tamil in Southern India focuses on the extent of criminal victimization, victims' crime-reporting, and victims' perceptions of police performance.
The four major cities included in the survey were Madurai, Coimbatore, Trichy, and Chennai. Administrative units in each city were randomly chosen, and then the streets in each of the administrative units were randomly selected. The household, the basic sampling unit for the study, was randomly selected from the list of addresses. Following an overview of respondents' demographic characteristics, findings on the nature and extent of victimization address vehicle thefts and related crimes; burglary, robbery, and personal theft; sex offenses and assaults or threats; and consumer fraud and corruption. Victims' reporting to police for each of these crime types is reviewed. Respondents' perceptions of police performance pertain to satisfaction by crime type, perceptions of crime levels, and perceptions of local policing. The data show that many crimes are not reported to the police; and when they are, victims are likely to be dissatisfied with police performance. 8 references