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Criminology Today: An Integrative Introduction, Second Edition

NCJ Number
Frank Schmalleger Ph.D.
Date Published
649 pages
This book contrasts the social problems approach and the social responsibility perspective within the field of criminology.
Part I presents the crime picture by defining criminology, social policy, and the social context of crime in Chapter 1; discussing patterns of crime and crime statistics in Chapter 2; and presenting research methods and theory development issues such as values and ethics in Chapter 3. Part II focuses on crime causation with an introduction to classical theory, such as free will and punishment in Chapter 4. The major principles of biological theory and types of theory, such as body types and hormones are discussed in Chapter 5. The psychological and psychiatric foundations of criminal behavior are described in Chapter 6. The role of the social environment is discussed in Chapter 7 along with the meaning of crime with respect to social process perspectives. Part III examines crime in the modern world. The political realities and crime such as terrorism are discussed in Chapter 9. The evolution of white-collar crime and the history of organized crime are examined in Chapter 10. Chapter 11 explores drug abuse and crime, detailing the types of illegal drugs, drug trafficking, and social policy. Chapter 12 examines the high-tech offender, including computer crime, hacking, data security, DNA fingerprinting, and personal freedom in the information age. Part IV describes the responses to criminal behavior, such as crime control initiatives, and the new criminologies. The new criminologies include postmodern criminology, rational choice theory, feminist theory, peacemaking criminology, realist criminology, and theory integration. Glossary, index