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DASH-13: Desistence for Adolescents who Sexually Harm

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James R. Worling, Ph.D., C.Psych
Date Published
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This online paper presents information on DASH-13 - Desistence for Adolescents who Sexually Harm.
DASH-13 (Desistence for Adolescents who Sexually Harm) is a checklist of 13 factors that research has found could be related to the desistence of adolescent sexual offending. This online document presents information about the checklist and how it can be used for conducting comprehensive assessments for adolescent sexual recidivism. The 13 factors of the checklist can be separated into 2 main areas: those factors related specifically to future sexual health and those factors pertaining to more general, prosocial functioning. The factors related to future sexual health are prosocial sexual arousal, prosocial sexual attitudes, hope for a healthy sexual future, successful completion of sexual offense-specific treatment, awareness of consequences of sexual reoffending, and environmental controls that match risk to reoffend sexually. The factors related to general, prosocial functioning are compassion for others, positive problem-solving skills, positive affect-regulation skills, close relationship with supportive adult, emotional intimacy with peers, and prosocial peer activity. References