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Delinquency Prevention Through Parent Training - Results and Issues From Work in Progress (From Families, Schools, and Glenn C Loury, eds. - See NCJ-105609)

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J D Hawkins; R F Catalano; G Jones; D Fine
Date Published
This description and preliminary evaluation of an ongoing parent training program for parents of children in grades 1 through 3 focuses on recruitment efforts and parent reports on child behaviors.
Parent training for parents of children in the first three grades of six Seattle elementary schools is intended to prevent delinquency among high-risk children. The first component of the program was a seven-session curriculum designed to teach parents to identify desirable and undesirable behaviors in their children, to teach children behavioral expectations, and to provide positive reinforcement for desired behavior. The second component was a four-session curriculum designed to improve positive parent-child communication and involvement in the context of teaching their children math and reading. During the first 3 years of the project, 469 children were enrolled in experimental classes, and parents of 200 of them attended at least one of the parenting classes. Forty percent of those attending the classes were single parents, 46 percent were from low-income families, and 52 percent were members of ethnic minorities. Parents attending the training reported lower rates of aggressiveness in their children. Some issues in recruitment are listed and briefly discussed. 29 references.