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Dictionary of Criminal Justice, Fifth Edition

NCJ Number
George E. Rush
Catherine Leonard
Date Published
454 pages
This volume contains more than 3,600 definitions from the many disciplines in the field of criminal justice.
The dictionary includes terminology from United States and English common law, penology, psychology, law enforcement, political science, and business administration. It also features summaries of nearly 1,000 key U.S. Supreme Court rulings affecting criminal justice, a listing of juried academic journals and a compilation of Web sites in the field. The dictionary is intended to present in one reference volume information that could otherwise be found only by searching through much interdisciplinary literature. It includes political, psychological, historical, sociological, economic, statistical, and organizational aspects of criminal justice. The dictionary is a comprehensive attempt to cover terms associated with the wide spectrum of law enforcement, courts, probation, parole and corrections, and cites information and information sources particular to each area. To reduce the volume’s overall length, cross-references have been minimized by listing most multiple-word entries under their first word. Figures, tables, bibliography, appendixes