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Dictionary of Youth Justice

NCJ Number
Barry Goldson
Date Published
484 pages
This dictionary is intended as a resource and to equip readers in meeting the challenges of a constantly changing youth justice system, core inter-jurisdictional differences, a complex nature of comparative analysis, and major reforms impacting United Kingdom jurisdictions.
The dictionary is an authoritative guide to a complex and fast-changing youth justice system. It provides a comprehensive first point of reference for researchers, lecturers, policymakers, students, and professionals with an interest in youth crime and youth justice. It addresses the historical, legal, theoretical, organizational, policy, practice, and research foundations upon which contemporary youth justice rests, both nationally and internationally. The dictionary includes an introductory chapter that maps the key shifts characterizing contemporary national and international youth justice. It contains over 300 alphabetically arranged entries, written by nearly 100 experts in their respective fields and addressing the core components of youth justice in England and Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and other international jurisdictions. The dictionary provides specially tailored recommended key texts and sources for each individual entry together with an extensive aggregated bibliography. It is cross-referenced and indexed to assist readers in making the connections between and across entries. Lastly, the dictionary includes a detailed ‘Directory of Agencies’ featuring a wide-range of youth justice services. The dictionary’s intent is to prove invaluable to readers seeking to make sense of the complexities and challenges that characterize contemporary youth justice. References and index