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Direct Amplification of Casework Bloodstains Using the Promega PowerPlex 21 PCR Amplification System

NCJ Number
Forensic Science International Genetics Volume: 12 Dated: September 2014 Pages: 86-92
Kerryn Gray; Damian Crowle; Pam Scott
Date Published
September 2014
7 pages
Direct amplification of blood and buccal cells on cloth and Whatman FTA card with PowerPlex 21 has already been implemented for reference samples, eliminating the requirement for sample pretreatment; the current study examined the scope for expanding this method to include less pristine casework blood swabs and samples in an effort to eliminate lengthy DNA extraction, purification, and quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction (qPCR) steps for a wider subset of samples.
Data on overall success rate showed 80 percent of samples produced a complete profile at reduced volume compared to 78 percent at full volume. Particularly high success rates were observed for the blood on fabric/textile category; 100 percent of micro-punch samples yielded complete profiles at reduced volume and 85 percent at full volume. Following the success of this trial by the Forensic Science Service Tasmania, significant benefits have been experienced, most noticeably when results from crucial items have been provided to police investigators prior to interviews with suspects, and the identification of a dead person can be completed in a short time for the quick release of remains to family members. 3 figures and 26 references