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Division of Victim Services and Criminal Justice Programs, Annual Report 2000-2001

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20 pages
This document provides an overview of victim services program functions for the period July 1, 2000, through June 30, 2001, in the State of Florida.
The Florida Crimes Compensation Act governs how the State provides services to the victims of crime. The Office of the Attorney General, through the Division of Victim Services and Criminal Justice Programs, administers the Crimes Compensation Trust Fund and provides financial assistance to victims of violent crimes. The Division also offers various direct services to crime victims and provides technical assistance and training to promote the establishment of local victim service programs throughout the State. State and Federal receipts in the trust fund totaled $45 million during 2000-2001. Crime victims received services through the division claims programs, appellate victim services, Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) subgrantees, address confidentiality program, and the toll-free information and referral services line. The Office of the Attorney General awarded $21,355,106 in VOCA grants to 279 different recipients. The office received 21,805 victim compensation and sexual battery examination claims in 2000-2001. The Office of the Attorney General also coordinated two tuition-free “First Response to Violent Crime” training programs specifically designed to enhance the skills of law enforcement officers in meeting the needs of injured victims at the scene of a violent crime. In addition, 34 training programs were developed and coordinated for victim advocates. During this year, there were no legislative changes that directly impacted the victim compensation program. The Crimes Compensation Trust Fund receives offender-generated Federal and State dollars to provide services to crime victims. The trust fund is funded primarily by court-ordered assessments from offenders, including a mandatory court cost, a surcharge on fines, and restitution. Florida’s share of Federal VOCA dollars totaled $23,687,000. VOCA funds consist of $19,143,000 disseminated to local victim assistance programs that provide direct services to victims, and $4,544,000 used to provide financial compensation to victims for losses incurred as a result of their victimization. 1 table, appendices