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DOJ Workforce Planning: Grant-Making Components Should Enhance the Utility of Their Staffing Models

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Date Published
December 2012
50 pages
This report evaluates the Department of Justice Programs new staffing models to analyze their workloads and better ensure that staffing levels and personnel assignments reflect their responsibilities.
The report identified six leading practices for ensuring the staffing models' soundness and reliability. Results show that the components did not comprehensively check all of the models' formulas, and GAO found errors with all three components' models' retirement calculations. Left uncorrected, these errors could have implications for workforce-related decisions and, ultimately, could affect the efficiency and effectiveness of component operations. The components fully met one leading practice and its associated activities for leveraging stakeholders. Fully incorporating leading practices when updating the models for future use will better position the grant-making components to capitalize on the models' capacity and facilitate effective workforce planning and budgeting. In November 2011, the conference report accompanying DOJ's FY 2012 appropriation directed GAO to evaluate each component's staffing model. In response, this report addresses (1) the extent to which the grant-making components incorporated leading practices to ensure that their staffing models are sound and reliable and (2) the components' use of the models to inform their workforce planning efforts, and the extent to which they used the models for budget development. Tables, figures, and appendixes