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Domestic Violence in Alabama 2008

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This report presents data on the number of domestic-violence incidents in Alabama in calendar year 2008, as well as the characteristics of the victims and perpetrators as well as weapons used in attacks.
For the purposes of this report, domestic violence is considered to have occurred when the relationship of the victim and offender is husband, wife, common-law spouse, ex-husband, ex-wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, ex-girlfriend, or ex-boyfriend. Of the 20,446 violent offenses reported in Alabama in 2008, 10 percent were domestic violence incidents. Domestic violence was indicated in 34 homicides, 233 rapes, 118 robberies, and 1,615 aggravated assaults. A total of 960 incidents of domestic violence were cleared (a 49-percent clearance rate). Thirty-eight percent of the clearances did not proceed to prosecution. There were 29,940 domestic simple assaults, representing 36 percent of all simple assaults reported in 2008. The clearance rate for the domestic simple assaults was 53 percent; 41 percent did not proceed to prosecution. Seventy-four percent of the victims were females; 52 percent of the victims were Black, and 47 percent were White. In 58 percent of the offenses, the offender was Black, and in 76 percent of the cases, the offender was male. A firearm was used in 20 percent of the offenses; and hands, fists, or feet were used as a weapon in 48 percent of the attacks; a knife was the weapon in 15 percent of the cases; and other dangerous weapons were used in 17 percent of the incidents. The victims suffered injuries in 49 percent of the incidents; 11 percent were injured with a firearm; 20 percent were injured with a knife; 50 percent were injured with fists, hands, or feet; and 19 percent were injured with other dangerous weapons. Extensive tables and figures