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Domestic Violence Sourcebook

NCJ Number
D B Berry
Date Published
263 pages
This comprehensive guide for addressing domestic violence provides information on the nature of domestic violence, how victims can escape their victimization, and how the community can assist in preventing domestic violence and aiding its victims.
The author profiles the psychological dynamics of the abusive relationship, including how the abuser manipulates the environment and the mind of the victim. Through isolation, verbal abuse, and physical intimidation, the abuser conditions the victim to believe there is no means of escape from the situation. The cycle of abuse, plea for forgiveness, and promise to change is portrayed as a continuing phenomenon that escalates unless there is effective intervention. This book explains how the law can help in the process of escaping an abusive relationship. Restraining orders, stalking laws, and other aspects of the justice system are explained so they can be used effectively. An understanding of the law is designed to provide women with a resource they can use to make changes that will protect themselves and their children. Domestic violence is also discussed in terms of its traumatic impact on the children in the family. Recognizing that the decision to leave the home and take the children is the most dangerous time for a woman, as well as the children, this book provides guidelines that can help ensure a safe escape from a controlling partner. Also included are a list of resources and organizations that can help abused women and some examples of how communities are addressing domestic violence. A subject index