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Double Duty: A Guidebook for Families of Deployed Law Enforcement Officers

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36 pages
This guide addresses a range of issues faced by law enforcement officers and their families before, during, and after officers' deployment for military duty.
The guidance provided is intended to assist law enforcement managers in planning and implementing new policies or modifying existing policies and procedures for providing support to spouses and families throughout the deployment cycle, so as to help ease their anxiety and concern for their future. The guidance provided stems from a spouses' focus group, discussions with veterans and their spouses, law enforcement managers, and other practitioners in military social work and spousal support. One section of the guide focuses on the pre-deployment phase, which begins when the service member is alerted for deployment and continues until departure. The Family Care Plan (FCP) is addressed. This is a working plan for the care of loved ones and personal property during deployment. Police managers are responsible for updating this plan. At a minimum, this plan should include arrangements for child care, education, medical care, and family activities. In the case of a single parent/caregiver military activation, or activation of both parents, a family care plan becomes even more urgent. A section on financial management encompasses budget planning; checking accounts; savings, investments, and allotments; relief agencies, and safe deposit boxes. Legal preparation is also discussed, encompassing document location, entitlements, incapacitation, the will, and tax assistance. Other subjects and services discussed are medical/health and "miscellaneous issues." Miscellaneous issues include automobiles, children, "bad news" protocol, deployment checklists, and disaster planning. The services needed for families during deployment are also outlined and suggestions are offered for the remaining parent in managing family life and routines. The remaining stage is the "reunion/homecoming." Guidance focuses on the kinds of adjustments likely to be faced and how they can be addressed. Extensive resource list