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Draft Technical Report for SECURES Demonstration in San Bernardino County - Bloomington Area

NCJ Number
Date Published
January 2011
37 pages
After providing an overview of the enhancements to the technical tools used in the deployment of the SECURES acoustic gunshot detection system in San Bernardino County, CA, this draft technical report reviews the deployment and operational initiatives and presents findings from an evaluation of the SECURES deployment conducted by an independent third party.
In October 2003, Planning Systems, Inc. (PSI) teamed with the Center for Society Law and Justice (CSLJ) and the Department of Justice/Office of Justice Programs in entering a cooperative agreement for the deployment, operation, and analysis of the SECURES acoustic gunshot detection system in San Bernardino, CA. In order to more efficiently and accurately deploy sensors in the complex urban environment, PSI developed an acoustic prediction model, called the Acoustical Urban Evaluator (AUE), and adapted an industry-standard Radio Frequency (RF) propagation model. The AUE model allows for multiple "what if" scenarios for sensor deployment based on available assets for the mounting of sensors, such as utility poles or buildings. The model determines for a given sensor layout good and bad coverage areas. Also, enhancements to the SECURES display software provided dispatch personnel with better tools for increasing the accuracy in defining and conveying the gunshot locations to patrol units. Regarding the actual deployment and operations of the SECURES system in San Bernardino, issues that arose with the utility company in obtaining pole use for installations caused delays and frustration that undermined the enthusiasm initially developed for the system's expected benefits. Still, the SECURES system was deployed as intended; however, the evaluation of its performance was disappointing. The area in which SECURES was deployed netted few gunshot alerts. The span of time from the planned SECURES deployment in 2003 to its actual deployment in 2007 had not only diminished enthusiasm for the project but also the resources available to support the effort locally. 19 figures