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Drug Misuse: A Practical Handbook for GPs

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A Banks; T A N Waller
Date Published
344 pages
This handbook for general-practitioner physicians presents theoretical knowledge of drugs and their misuse, followed by advise on the practical management of patients who misuse drugs.
Chapters on the theoretical background of drug misuse discuss drug misuse in perspective, various drugs of misuse, medical conditions arising from drug misuse, drug legislation, and prevention. The discussion of drug misuse in perspective addresses historical aspects, a medical perspective, the current situation, and the development of nomenclature and a system of classification. Also discussed are the impact of drug use on communities, families, and the individual. The misused drugs discussed include volatile substances, amyl and butyl nitrite, cannabis, opioids, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, amphetamines, cocaine, psychedelics, miscellaneous drugs, designer drugs, and alcohol and its relationship to drug misuse. Medical conditions identified as derived from drug misuse are overdoses, hypothermia, pyrexia, respiratory complications, cardiovascular complications, and AIDS. The areas of practical management discussed are initial care, long-term care, pregnancy and child care, and strategies for helping a family with a drug misuser. Appended supplementary material, chapter references, subject index.