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Drugs, Society, and Human Behavior, Fourth Edition

NCJ Number
O Ray; C Ksir
Date Published
427 pages
This text provides an overview of the characteristics and effects of licit and illicit drugs and issues related to drug use as a social problem, drug policies, drug prevention, and drug treatment.
An overview examines the nature and extent of drug use, cultural influences on attitudes toward drugs, and the reasons high school students use drug and alcohol. Additional chapters examine the nature of toxicity and addiction; the relationship between drugs, violence, and other crime; reasons for drug regulation; the history of Federal drug laws; and State and local drug regulations. Further chapters focus on the nature of the brain and central nervous system, the categorization of drugs, drug testing, and the nonspecific and specific effects of drugs. Other chapters explain the history, beneficial use, and abuse of specific categories of drugs, including stimulants, sedatives and hypnotics, alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, nonprescription drugs, psychotherapeutic drugs, narcotics, hallucinogens, and marijuana and hashish. Drug education and prevention efforts, drug treatment techniques, and broad issues related to drug use and drug law enforcement are examined as well. Figures, tables, photographs, map, glossary, index, and chapter reference lists


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