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Economic Activities of Russian Police

NCJ Number
International Journal of Police Science and Management Volume: 10 Issue: 1 Dated: Spring 2008 Pages: 65-75
Deborah G. Wilson; Olga Kolennikova; Leonid Kosals; Rozalina Ryvkina; Yu Simagin
Date Published
11 pages
This study analyzed the ‘economic’ activities’ of Russian police officers.
Three categories of police behavior related to economic gain outside their regular wages as police officers were identified. The first consisted of activities that were considered to be police misconduct, only because the actor was a police officer. They were economic activities by police officers not permitted by the Law of the Militia, such as private security and transportation services. The second category was composed of actions considered to be police misconduct because police engaged in them during their regular work hours in lieu of fulfilling their police responsibilities. This was the second most frequent form of police economic activity. The third and last category consisted of corruption and involved both an abuse of police powers and material gain. This category was engaged in by over one-third of the study sample and most often during regular work hours. ’Economic activities’ by Russian police officers include acts defined as police corruption and police misconduct. Some of these activities would be defined as ‘moonlighting’ in the United States. The Russian Law of the Militia defines not only police corruption and other forms of misconduct but defines and limits police participation in what would be considered legal economic activities, thereby limiting police ‘moonlighting’ to teaching, research, or the arts. Findings are based on surveys from 2,209 police officers stationed in 8 regions of Russia during 2002. Tables, references


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