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Effective Security Lighting

NCJ Number
Journal of Security Administration Volume: 9 Issue: 1 Dated: (June 1986) Pages: 59-67
J P Bachner
Date Published
9 pages
Two case studies illustrate the benefits of security lighting; guidelines pertain to the selection, placement, and maintenance of security lighting.
Prior to the installation of a parking lot lighting system, the Fairmount Fair Mall (Camillus, N.Y.) was experiencing a high level of car break-ins. The installation of a lighting system eliminated auto break-ins, boosted mall patronage, reduced the extent and frequency of security patrols, improved the mall's appearance, and facilitated faster snow clearing. Prior to the installation of an effective lighting system, the Spring Valley Park (San Diego, Calif.) experienced significant levels of assault, theft, vandalism, car and building break-ins, and vehicular accidents. The installation of 15 250-watt metal halide fixtures has eliminated robberies, vandalism, and burglaries; vehicular accidents have been significantly reduced, and children and the elderly can use the park at night. A table lists the wattage range, initial lumens per watt including ballast losses, and average rated life (hours) for seven types of lamps. Another table indicates the lamp interchanges that are possible. Guidelines are provided for the height placement of luminaries, and on-off control types are described. Maintenance required to sustain lighting efficiency and effectiveness is briefly described.