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NCJ Number
Corrections Compendium Volume: 18 Issue: 1 Dated: (January 1993) Pages: 5- 14
S P Davis
Date Published
10 pages
This report provides State-by-State data on inmates serving life sentences as of September 30, 1992.
Approximately 8.2 percent of the incarcerated prison population is serving life sentences, according to the survey. Alabama, Nevada, and New Jersey reported over 15 percent of their prison population consists of "lifers." Mississippi, on the other hand, reported that less than 1 percent of the prison population is serving a life sentence. The 49 responding systems reported that 65,281 men and 2,482 women are serving life sentences, an increase of almost 13 percent from the 1990 survey. Although the average age of "lifers" is 37.8, Arkansas and Florida reported the youngest inmate serving a life sentence at age 15. Almost one-third of the "lifers" were serving their sentences for crimes other than murder. In Canada, "lifers" compose over 14 percent of the total inmate population. Thirty-one systems have a sentence of "life without parole." For each State and Canada, the charts show the total inmate population, number of male and female inmates 65 years old and older, the number of males and females serving life sentences, the average age of inmates serving life, ages of the youngest and oldest inmates serving life, and the number of inmates serving life who are 65 years old or older. Charts also provide information on "lifers'" offenses and parole eligibility.