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Enforcing Ethics: A Scenario-Based Workbook for Police and Corrections Recruits and Officers, Third Edition

NCJ Number
Debbie J. Goodman M.S.
Date Published
221 pages
Intended for police and corrections recruits and officers, as well as college and university students enrolled in criminal justice degree programs, this workbook uses realistic job-related scenarios to encourage workshop participants to think ethically and critically about their behaviors, decisions, and values in the context of their criminal justice duties.
The workbook first presents a structure for ethical decisionmaking based on Goodman's ABCD formula of actions, beliefs, conduct, and discipline, followed by a list of the 10 rationales or enticements that cause criminal justice professionals to engage in misconduct. The workbook includes realistic scenarios for analysis and discussion regarding the impact of alternative behaviors on the officers themselves, the citizens and communities affected by various behaviors, and the institution represented by the officers. Throughout the workbook, participants are led to examine the conditions, attitudes, values, and thoughts that undermine ethical behavior. In developing ways to counter the factors that contribute to unethical behavior, the workbook addresses the role of management, stress management techniques, ethical conditioning through value statements, decisionmaking skills, and assessment of the consequences of inappropriate behavior. Bibliography