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EOD 9 Bomb Suit

NCJ Number
Law and Order Volume: 54 Issue: 5 Dated: May 2006 Pages: 84-87
Jim Weiss; Mickey Davis
Date Published
May 2006
4 pages
This article describes Med-Eng's new, innovative EOD 9 suit and helmet, which provide protection against blast, over pressure, fragmentation, impact, heat, and flame from Improvised Explosive Devices (homemade bombs).
The suit is built of strategically distributed soft and rigid ballistic materials. It consists of trousers, groin protector, jacket, and helmet. There are breakaway zippers on the suit's legs, which permit rapid access to an injury located in the wearer's lower body. The suit can be integrated with a liquid circulating Personal Climate System that includes a "chiller" refrigeration unit. It pumps ice water and is efficient for a mission of up to 40 minutes. Suit controls are worn on a sleeve, and they light up at night. The primary power source system is carried in a suit pocket. In addition to providing protection for the head, helmets are equipped with directional searchlights. Helmet options are a throat microphone and a ballistic shield visor that is worn over the normal visor. To keep out dust and particles, the helmets are built with internal ductwork, two ventilation fans, and a filter. Helmet communications systems can either be hardwire or wireless. An automatic decibel control in the helmet cuts out detonation blast noise to protect hearing. Another improvement is a comfort liner inside the helmet that ensures a snug fit.


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