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Examination of Reported Criminal Offenses and Disciplinary Actions at North Carolina Public Institutions of Higher Education

NCJ Number
Systemstats Volume: 30 Issue: 1 Dated: March 2013 Pages: 1-7
Gary Zhang
Karen G. Jayson, M.S.C.J.
Date Published
March 2013
7 pages
This report presents data and information on reported criminal offenses at North Carolina's 16 public, 4-year institutions during the years 2006-2010; in addition, a section lists reported offenses and disciplinary actions for 2-year institutions that compose the North Carolina community college system.
The Clery Act, a Federal statute enacted in 1990, requires all colleges and universities that participate in Federal financial aid programs to keep and disclose certain timely and annual information on campus crime and security policies. Crimes to be reported are in two categories, violent and property offenses. Violent offenses include homicide, sex offenses, robbery, and aggravated assault. Property offenses include burglary, motor vehicle theft, and arson. From 2006 to 2010, a total of 3,754 offenses were reported by the 16 public 4-year universities in North Carolina. Property crimes were reported almost four times as often as violent crimes. Overwhelmingly, the most commonly reported offenses were burglary (64.9 percent), followed by motor vehicle theft (12.2 percent), aggravated assault (8.3 percent), robbery (7.2 percent), sex offenses (5.7 percent), arson (1.6 percent), and homicide (less than 1 percent). The report provides data on violent offenses by location, property offenses by location, and property offenses in residence halls. Between 2006 and 2010, there were 20,948 disciplinary actions reported for illegal weapon possession and drug and liquor law violations. The vast majority (79.8 percent) of these disciplinary actions were for liquor law violations, followed by drug law violations (18.1 percent), and illegal weapon possession (2.1 percent). Of the 20,481 reported disciplinary actions on campus, 46.3 percent occurred in residence halls. 5 tables, 6 figures, and 8 references