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Executive Addict

NCJ Number
Fortune Dated: (June 24, 1985) Pages: 24-31
S Flax
Date Published
8 pages
This article examines the scope and dangers of drug abuse among business executives and discusses the nature and prospects for treatment as well as employer policies toward drug-abusing executives.
Although there are no reliable statistics on the extent of drug abuse among business executives, those involved in drug treatment report that the number of executives in treatment has increased dramatically in recent years. The dangers of drug abuse by business executives include drug-induced behavior that can threaten the lives of other employees, theft from the business or customers to pay for the drug habit, judgment impairment in critical situations, and vulnerability to manipulation by business clients. Business executives are reluctant to acknowledge that drug abuse is a problem for them, since they are confident they can handle any problem. Those who do seek treatment, however, have a high rate of recovery because of their social supports, job skills, and financial stability. Companies should offer job security to executives who acknowledge their abuse and seek treatment. Otherwise, they will be even more reluctant to reveal and seek help for their addiction.


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