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Expanding Drug Treatment: The Need for Fair Contracting Practices (From Government Ethics Reform for the 1990s; The Collected Reports of the New York State Commission on Government Integrity, P 379-459, 1991, Bruce A Green, ed. -- See NCJ-130587)

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81 pages
This analysis of the process used by the New York State Division of Substance Abuse Services (DSAS) to award contracts to certain New York City drug treatment programs concluded that it lacks adequate rules and procedures necessary to ensure the objective evaluation of both proposed and established treatment programs.
The analysis also showed that the existing rules are often rendered meaningless by agency officials, including the director, who tolerate and sometimes encourage disregard for rules and lines of authority whenever expedient. The result is a process that is vulnerable to subjective decisionmaking, manipulation for personal objectives, and the vicissitudes of personal rivalries. These weaknesses have caused the agency to waste its resources, created skepticism that agency funds are distributed in a neutral manner, and damaged agency morale. Each of the four programs investigated by the Commission on Government Integrity demonstrated these weaknesses. Therefore, the agency's contracting procedures need major changes including a written, competitive funding process; objective procedures for evaluating problem programs; better recordkeeping; interagency sharing of information about social service contractors; and other changes. Footnotes