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Extracts From Code of Civil Procedure (From Selected California Statutes Relating to Youthful Offenders, P 455-457, 1990, Deedee D'Adamo Moosekian, ed. -- See NCJ-124211)

NCJ Number
D D Moosekian
Date Published
3 pages
Extracts from the California Code of Civil Procedure cover a priority standard for civil actions, procedures for small claims court, required referrals to probation officers, the availability of the probation officer's report, civil action for a child victim of sexual abuse, the time limit for commencement of action, and inmates' exemption from civil judgment.
Civil actions have priority when they are related to damages suffered in the course of a felony. Provisions for small claims court pertain to the exclusion of attorney representation, assistance for non-English-speaking parties, and written declarations by incarcerated parties. Another provision mandates the court's authority to require a probation officer to inquire into the background and offense of a defendant and present a disposition recommendation. A provision places a limitation of 3 years on commencement of an action for incest involving a victim under 18 years old. This does not preclude the courts from applying delayed-discovery exceptions to the accrual of a cause of action.