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Extremists Pose Increasing Threat of Violence to Police, Other Public Officials

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Klan Watch Intelligence Report Issue: 80 Dated: (October 1995) Pages: 1,3-7
Date Published
6 pages
Klanwatch is issuing a threat advisory to police and other government officials due to the growing nationwide threat of violence from extremists and militant white supremacists.
Recent incidents that have targeted law enforcement officers and government employees range from the bombing of Oklahoma City's Federal building to the arrest of extremists who were allegedly plotting to bomb government buildings in Austin, Tex., and Spokane, Wash. In the last year, violent confrontations between heavily armed extremists and law enforcement officers increased dramatically. Since last fall, Klanwatch and its Militia Task Force have monitored the infiltration of militias by white supremacists, who hope to exploit the new movement's recruiting potential and its anti-government fervor. In July, Klanwatch's Militia Task Force learned that two of the country's most influential militias and the Nation's premier neo-Nazi group -- the Identity-based Aryan Nations -- have set in motion counter-intelligence campaigns that apparently target law enforcement agencies, the military, government officials, and civil rights organizations. Many of today's extremists, particularly those who follow the racist, anti-Semitic Christian Identity religion, are stockpiling large supplies of sophisticated military weapons and explosives in preparation for what they believe is an imminent war with the government. An FBI official recently observed that many of these individuals are better armed than some law enforcement agencies.