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FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin, Volume 80, Issue 12, December 2011

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FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin Volume: 80 Issue: 12 Dated: December 2011 Pages: 1-34
John E. Ott
Date Published
December 2011
34 pages
This issue's feature articles focus on employee wellness.
Two feature articles are presented in this issue: 1) The Employee Wellness Plan which discusses how law enforcement administrators should focus a sufficient amount of attention on the full spectrum of officer wellness and further address the realities of police stress and burnout as they impact the individual as a whole; and 2) Analyzing Organizational Performance which discusses how agencies must identify and address important employee-related factors. Four regular department articles discuss: 1) Tunnel Vision which examines leaders who cannot see beyond their goals; 2) Peel's Legacy which discusses the biography of Robert Peel, known as the father of modern community policing; 3) Young Drivers and Alcohol which discusses educating young drivers about alcohol; 4) honoring the San Leandro Public Safety Memorial. Subject and author indexes are also provided.