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FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin, Volume 81, Issue 2, February 2012

NCJ Number
FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin Volume: 81 Issue: 2 Dated: February 2012 Pages: 1-36
John E. Ott
Date Published
February 2012
36 pages
Two feature articles address the topics of "agroterrorism" and emergency vehicle safety; articles from the bulletin's six departments pertain to crimes against children, a technology update, training, crime data, a recent notable spoken presentation on law enforcement, and leadership.
"Agroterrorism: Threats to America's Economy and Food Supply" presents an overview of the nature and specific threats of "agroterrorism," a subset of bioterrorism that involves "the deliberate introduction of an animal or plant disease for the purpose of generating fear, causing economic losses, or undermining social stability." "Emergency Vehicle Safety" examines the nature of and remedies for safety threats to officers and the public posed by the introduction of new and multiplex technologies into police vehicles over the past few decades, causing clutter, driver distractions, and "ergonomic degradation" of the passenger compartment. An article from the "Crimes Against Children Spotlight" entitled "The Neighborhood Canvass and Child Abduction Investigations" explains the importance of a neighborhood canvass of persons who live near or frequent the area around the victim's residence or last known location where the victim was sighted after the initial abduction. An article from "Technology Update" entitled "National Gang Intelligence Center (NGIC) Unveils Online Tool to Share Intelligence and Assist Law Enforcement" explains how NGIC Online provides law enforcement officers with direct access to the information they need to make informed decisions and maintain safety standards while combating the increasing influence and negative impact of gangs across the country. An article under "Focus on Training" entitled "Interpersonal Skills Training in Police Academy Curriculum" explains how police academies can develop an effective structure for teaching essential interpersonal skills. Other articles from the bulletin's departments address data on officers killed and assaulted in 2010, a "Notable Speech" on "The Meaning and Honor of Service," and "Discovering Inspiration" in leadership.