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FBI Law Enforcement, Volume 81, Issue 8, August 2012

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FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin Volume: 81 Issue: 8 Dated: August 2012 Pages: 1-36
John E. Ott
Date Published
September 2012
36 pages
This issue features articles which focus on crowd management.
The theme of this issue is crowd management. This issue contains two feature articles: 1) Crowd Management: Adopting a New Paradigm, which discusses how police leadership must share lessons learned and incorporates best practices into crowd management philosophy, training, and tactics; and 2) Picketers, Protesters, and Police: The First Amendment and Investigative Activity which explores how agencies must fulfill their missions by ensuring that citizens continue to enjoy their rich, well-protected first amendment rights. Five regular departments provide additional informative articles: Perspective: Detecting Deception, Leadership Spotlight: Change Can Be a Slippery Slope, Focus on Ethics: The Power of Police Civility, a ViCAP Alert on missing person, Crist Nelson Dauberman, Sr., and a Notable Speech called, "Honor of the Badge." A special note announces the new online initiative for the magazine.