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FBI Serology Unit - Services, Policies, and Procedures

NCJ Number
FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin Volume: 54 Issue: 3 Dated: (March 1985) Pages: 15-21
R S Murch
Date Published
7 pages
This article explains the types of examinations conducted by the FBI's Serology Unit; the policies related to the submission, examination, and reexamination of evidence in the FBI Laboratory; the availability of FBI examiners for testimony in criminal trials related to evidence they have examined; and the collection and packaging of evidence for serological examination.
The Serology Unit performs biochemical analysis on blood and other body fluids, such as semen, saliva, and urine, that have been deposited on items of evidence. The FBI Laboratory is authorized to accept and examine evidence submitted in criminal cases from any duly authorized law enforcement or prosecutive agency in the United States and its territories, as well as other Federal agencies. However, the lab will not examine evidence if it has already been subjected to the same type of technical examination by another crime laboratory. The lab will not examine evidence in civil cases or in criminal cases that may evolve into civil suits. The services are free, and examiners are also available free of charge to provide exculpatory testimony on behalf of the defense. When a crime occurs and evidence for serological or other analysis at the FBI Laboratory is collected, care should be taken to preserve the biological fluid. Other matters, such as the relevance of each item to the investigation and prosecution, should also be considered. Sources for further information concerning evidence submission requirements are cited. Eight photographs are included.