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Feasibility Study - Remote Engine Slow and Stop Technology

NCJ Number
Internal Security Volume: 4 Issue: 2 Dated: July - December 2012 Pages: 155-164
Alan McInnes
Date Published
December 2012
10 pages
The article concerns the issue of the remote engine slow and stop technology.
The technology of vehicle on-board tracking devices and associated infrastructure is now established and its development led to the creation of After Theft Systems for Vehicle Recovery. CEN TC 278 deals with Road Transport & Traffic Telematics and its Working Group 14 handles After Theft Systems for Vehicle Recovery which laid some early groundwork a remote engine control through vehicle tracking systems. In addition the work also addressed security and the logical procedures to gain the involvement allow enforcement agencies without risk to LEA resources or innocent drivers of vehicles. Author shows the legal solutions of the Vienna Convention on the road traffic from 1968 which appeared to prohibit the introduction of devices which over-rode the control of the driver -- albeit an unlawful or criminal driver. The important part of the article is the description of the Remote Degradation Function which allows degrading remotely the vehicle's performance using either long or short-range transmission techniques. The manufacturers of remote stop devices need legal acceptance to ensure viability and economic product development. The article contains a reasonable prediction that in a few years the technology may be relatively common place and could be used not only for covert use in extreme emergency, but also to regulate city center traffic speeds. There had been some research and pilot schemes to prove the technology far potential use as part of anti-terrorist and anti-organized crime strategies. (Published Abstract)