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Federal Criminal Law and Its Enforcement

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Norman Abrams
Date Published
931 pages
This volume on Federal criminal law and its enforcement is intended to be a textbook for use in filling a gap in law school curricula, which do not currently offer a course in this subject.
The volume consists of three "Books." Book I, entitled "The General Part," identifies many of the general issues of Federal law and policy relevant to Book II, which focus on "Specific Crimes and Law Enforcement Areas" of Federal law. Book I contains chapters on Federal, State, and local criminal enforcement resources; the scope of Federal criminal laws; and techniques for limiting Federal criminal authority. The chapters of Book II discuss specific Federal laws and offenses. A chapter is devoted to each of the following Federal offenses: The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Statute (RICO); mail fraud; drug law enforcement; criminal tax offenses and their enforcement; currency reporting offense under the Bank Secrecy Act; false statements to law enforcement agents; the criminal civil rights statutes; interference with witnesses (obstruction of justice); the Assimilative Crimes Act and the special maritime and territorial Federal jurisdiction; and the Fugitive Felon statute. Book III, "The General Part Revisited: The State-Federal Relationship," addresses various features of the relationship between Federal and State enforcement systems, including the bases for choosing whether to prosecute in Federal or State court. Also discussed are issues that relate to duplicative prosecutions, in which the Federal Government prosecutes for the same conduct after a prior State prosecution, or vice versa. In addition, Book III examines the special legal problems that arise as a result of State-Federal cooperation in investigating crimes. This textbook is intended for use in a 2-3 hour (semester) second -year or third-year course or in a first-year, second-semester course in criminal law. A listing of publications in the American Casebook Series and tables of cases and statutes