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Finding Funds and Building Support for Community Crime Prevention

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47 pages
This booklet is designed to help localities and States access Federal resources for crime prevention as well as promote prevention as an anticrime strategy.
First, the booklet aims to help people in local jurisdictions understand how Federal funds for crime prevention may be available through the 50 States (as well as the District of Columbia and five territories) under the Edward Byrne Memorial System Improvement and Drug Control Formula Grant Program. This program is part of the Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1986 as amended. The booklet describes how the States can obtain Federal formula grant funds and the processes and programs that States typically use to disburse these funds. Because some States rely on Byrne Funds primarily for enforcement and corrections initiatives and turn to other sources for prevention, the booklet outlines other Federal funding sources, including Public Housing Drug Elimination Grants, Drug-Free Schools and Communities Grants, Community Development Block Grants, Juvenile Justice Delinquency Prevention Grants, Youth Gang Drug Prevention Grants, and Child Abuse Grants. The booklet also outlines ways in which a number of States have made crime prevention a priority in policy, program, and funding. The appendix lists agency contacts for State-level inquiries on Federal funding resources.