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Firearm Certificate Statistics, England and Wales 1996

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A Barber; G Wilkins; T Leech
Date Published
22 pages
Information is provided on the issue of firearm and shotgun certificates in England and Wales by the end of 1996 under the Firearms Acts 1968 to 1994.
A total of 141,900 firearm certificates had been issued by the end of 1996, an increase of less than 0.5 percent from the number at the end of 1995. The certificates covered 418,300 firearms, an increase of 1 percent from those covered in 1995. The number of shogun certificates at the end of 1996 was 638,000 and covered 1,335,000 shotguns. About 2 percent of the applications for new firearm and shotgun certificates made during 1996 were refused. Renewal applications refused totaled less than 0.5 percent and were higher than in 1995. The countries had a total of 2,490 registered firearms dealers at the end of 1996. Figures, tables, maps, and reference notes