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Forensic Hypnosis: The Practical Application of Hypnosis in Criminal Investigations, Revised First Edition

NCJ Number
W S Hibbard; R W Worring
Date Published
382 pages
This volume surveys professional activity in the field of forensic hypnosis and reviews relevant case law between 1981 and 1995.
A nationwide review of the status of forensic hypnosis indicates that it is a growing and maturing field. Although some court rulings have made it more difficult to admit hypnotically enhanced testimony, other rulings have done just the opposite. Overall, there appears to be a resurgence of interest in the technique, and forensic hypnosis is broadening to include more civil applications. In some quarters, practitioners differentiate between investigative and forensic hypnosis, the former being specific to the investigative phase and the latter being specific to the legal phase and testifying in court. Training in forensic hypnosis is available in various State law enforcement academies, and several good courses are taught by private consultants. The book describes principles, techniques, applications, procedures, and legal aspects of forensic hypnosis. In addition, the book clearly defines parameters of the science and encourages the use of better techniques in its application and management. Book chapters contain an introduction to forensic hypnosis and an orientation to hypnosis and hypno-investigation and discuss principles and dynamics of hypnosis and suggestion, stages of hypnosis, practical aspects of hypno-investigation, case law analysis of hypnotically related evidence, and special problems and topics in forensic hypnosis. Additional information on the use of forensic hypnosis is provided in nine appendixes. References, tables, figures, and photographs