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Forensic Magazine, Volume 9, Issue 5, October/November 2012

NCJ Number
Forensic Magazine Volume: 9 Issue: 5 Dated: October/November 2012 Pages: 1-40
Rebecca Waters
Date Published
October 2012
40 pages
This issue of Forensic Magazine features 10 technical articles on state-of-the-art forensic research.
This issue features 10 articles: 1) From The Editor describes the recent symposium of the American Chemical Society and emphasizes how progress will be realized through cooperation, education and accreditation between forensic scientists and the Innocence Project; 2) The DNA Connection discusses the Constitutional question of arrestee DNA testing; 3) Forensic Gunshot Acoustic Analysis discusses the role that gunshot acoustics are beginning to play in law enforcement and forensics; 4) Maximizing the Power of Forensic DNA Databases with Next Generation STR Technology discusses how DNA analysis will change as the world begins to adopt advanced STR multiplexes with expanded loci sets for forensic testing; 5) Applying the New Science of Metaphors to Forensic Science Testimony examines how using metaphors to explain concepts and data enhances the scientific testimony's impact, meaning and memory-value; 6) Product Insight: Mobile Forensics Fights to Stay Ahead examines how law enforcement groups are staying ahead of criminals' ability to conceal information with the use of new data extraction tools; 7) The Safety Guys provides steps to take to develop and implement a compressed gas safety program for any research or production facility; 8) Most Wanted Answers to Facility Issues examines how a crime laboratory should include elements such as correctly designed and sized heating and cooling systems, energy capture devices, and means to harness the energy of natural day lighting; 9) Digital Forensic Insider discusses security identifiers in Windows 7 Registry Forensics; and 10) Who Says You Can't Do That? Discusses how crime scene checklists can help a crime scene officer collect and track evidence to better control the crime scene.