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Gambling and the Law

NCJ Number
I N Rose
Date Published
304 pages
This book discusses how the law affects gambling and gamblers, often using actual cases to show how the law works and how gamblers can benefit under it.
After some history and background on gambling law in the United States, the book focuses primarily on how gambling law applies in specific situations, and practical advice is offered. Among the issues discussed are how to deduct gambling losses for income tax purposes, how to collect on gambling debts, what to do if you have been cheated in gambling, how to tell if a gambling activity is legal, what to do if arrested, and when a person needs a gambling license and how to get one. Other issues are how to make gambling legal in a jurisdiction and rights in a casino such as to count cards at blackjack, to stop payment on checks, and to avoid being blacklisted. The author projects that with the growing role of gambling in people's lives and finances, it will be regularly involved in probate court cases when a gambler dies and also in divorce cases in the division of assets. Possible legal developments pertaining to gambling are casino liability for exploitative enticements to gamble, the use of the insanity defense with compulsive gamblers who embezzle money, and attention to disguised gambling by large corporations. Chapter notes and a summary of cases.


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