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Gambling Scams: How They Work, How To Detect Them, How To Protect Yourself

NCJ Number
D Ortiz
Date Published
262 pages
This book describes various amateur and professional gambling scams in private card games, casinos, private dice games, carnival games, con games, and proposition bets.
In describing professional cheating in private card games, the book focuses on the structure of such games and specific cheating techniques associated with the shuffle, deals, and switching cards. Specialized moves are described for various card games. Typical amateur scams in private card games are also reviewed. An examination of scams run by casinos and their employees focuses on techniques used in craps, blackjack, and roulette. Cheating techniques used by casino patrons encompasses blackjack, craps, roulette, and slot machines. Casino cheating conspiracies are also described. After reviewing the various cheating techniques used in private dice games, the book details scams in various carnival games and in three-card monte. The con games described involve various plots whereby victims believe they are guaranteed returns on their investments because of a dishonest edge. The con games discussed include short-term games that are typically played in bars and long-term cons that involve extended investment frauds. The proposition bets described pertain to scams involving betting on some unusual event, such as a passing license plate or which commercial will appear next on television. A glossary.


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