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Gangbusters. Crisis Intervention Network

NCJ Number
School Safety Dated: (Winter 1985) Pages: 12-15
B J Swans Jr
Date Published
4 pages
The Crisis Intervention Network (CIN) was initiated in 1974 in Philadelphia to address the rising number of gang fatalities and injuries both inside and outside schools.
CIN was originally planned and organized through community meetings in neighborhoods with major problems of gang warfare. It tailored programs and strategies to match the needs and demographic features of particular neighborhoods. The efforts include outreach, crisis intervention, and intervention, based on the use of crisis teams that include a conflict-resolution team and a probation unit. CIN has worked with a variety of agencies to define specific roles and linkages. The crisis team on patrol makes daily contact with each school and encourages teachers to report problems to their school liaisons or to CIN's communications center. CIN also helps strengthen self-help crime prevention groups in communities. Thus, its efforts contrast with a teacher's recommendation in an article called "Surviving the Blackboard Jungle," that students respond to hostile students and student violence with apathy. Photograph.