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Gender, Ethnic, Age, and Relationship Differences in Non-Traditional College Student Alcohol Consumption: A Tri-Ethnic Study

NCJ Number
Journal of Ethnicity in Substance Abuse Volume: 11 Issue: 1 Dated: January - March 2012 Pages: 22-47
Stephanie Babb; Cynthia Stewart; Christine Bachman
Date Published
March 2012
26 pages
This study examined group differences in four aspects of alcohol consumption behaviors in non-traditional college students.
Group differences in four aspects of alcohol consumption behaviors were examined in non-traditional college students (N = 1,092; 828 women and 264 men) attending a large, non-residential, urban university. Findings demonstrated several differences between traditional and non-traditional students' drinking behaviors. Specifically, non-traditional students are more likely to abstain; Caucasians are more apt to drink in isolation and experience negative social consequences of drinking; Hispanic and African-American women control their alcohol consumption better; and African-American men are more likely to experience antisocial consequences due to drinking. These findings have implications for education and prevention efforts targeting non-traditional college students. (Published Abstract)