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Great Basin Policy Research Institute: Evaluating the Effectiveness of Nevada's Multi-Jurisdictional Narcotics Task Forces

NCJ Number
Eric B. Herzik; James Bartridge; Ramon Hoyt
Date Published
June 1998
44 pages
This report provides an examination and assessment of the development, procedures and operational issues of Nevada's Multi-Jurisdictional Narcotics Task Forces (MJNTF).
Results indicate that drug use in Nevada is at best remaining constant, if not rising; the major drug of choice is methamphetamine; MJNTF are largely containing obvious street level activity and disrupting local drug distribution networks; while overall drug use is not in decline, there is evidence that MJNTF efforts are keeping drug use from expanding beyond an established core of repeat offenders and addicts; MJNTF deploy trained personnel and equipment towards a crime problem that otherwise would not be available for local jurisdictions; and by combining resources from several jurisdictions, MJNTF has been able to successfully target specific problems observed within communities and shift personnel and activities as problems are identified. Nevada's MJNTF are clearly viewed as a successful and effective element of law enforcement. The concept of pooling law enforcement resources across jurisdictional boundaries seems especially well-suited for Nevada's large rural areas; without the sharing of resources, much of rural Nevada would have little by way of drug enforcement. The operational strength of Nevada's MJNTF is in this ability to concentrate resources on a continuing problem area in a coordinated manner while maintaining excellent interagency cooperation. Tables and appendixes