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Group Profile: The Revolutionary Organization 17 November in Greece

NCJ Number
Terrorism Volume: 14 Issue: 2 Dated: (April-June 1991) Pages: 77-104
A Corsun
Date Published
28 pages
The Revolutionary Organization 17 November is presently viewed as one of the most active and lethal indigenous terrorist groups operating in Western Europe.
Since its initial appearance with the assassination of U.S. Diplomat Richard Welch in 1975, the group has carried out 46 attacks, all in Athens, Greece. Eight of these attacks have been directed against U.S. targets, causing 3 American deaths and 28 injuries. Successive Greek governments have been unable to apprehend any member of the group. Consequently, very little is known about the group's membership, its internal dynamics, or its operational capabilities. However, organizationally, the group appears to be a small, well-disciplined group whose hard-core members probably number no more than 20 people. Tactically, the group has grown from carrying out simple assassinations to using remote-controlled devices and antitank rockets. This group will most likely remain a major security problem for the U.S. and Greece in the near future. Appendix and 40 notes


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