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Guards on Guard Training

NCJ Number
Security Management Volume: 28 Issue: 8 Dated: (August 1984) Pages: 73-77
M Cox
Date Published
5 pages
Individuals employed in the contractual and proprietary industry were surveyed in 1982 to determine the perceived need for private security training in New Orleans and to update the profile of city security officers.
A sample of 291 private security officers participated. The security officers were asked to complete a two-part questionnaire. Part 1 contained questions about the respondent's age, sex, race, and other demographic factors. Part 2 listed 20 statements regarded as indicators of perceptions toward the need for private security training Eighty-six percent of the officers agreed to the need for a local or State government-sponsored private security training program in New Orleans; approximately 78 percent thought the city or State should require private security officers to attend a government-sponsored private security training program. Sixty-one percent regarded present training given to private security officers by their employers as insufficient. Over 85 percent of the respondents agreed that private security officers require training in each of the following topics: legal matters and use of force, first aid, fire prevention, human and public relations, and civil liability and private security. Training recommendations made to the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council are included along with the survey questionnaire and six footnotes.