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Guidelines for a Drug-Free Workforce, 3rd Edition

NCJ Number
Date Published
January 2000
60 pages
These guidelines intend to prevent substance abuse by employees and within the workplace; and where a problem exists, to encourage those who abuse drugs and/or alcohol to seek help in overcoming their problem.
The guidelines provide a full continuum of substance abuse education, prevention, intervention, and treatment resources. A comprehensive approach is recommended. This includes preparing and circulating a written statement for acknowledgement by all employees that illegal drug use will not be tolerated and that job performance deterioration that results from the abuse of legal drugs, including alcohol, will result in adverse personnel actions. Further, an Employee Assistance Program should be established to provide counseling and referral programs. A drug orientation program should advise all employees of the employing organization's policies and the drug-and-alcohol-related economic, health, and legal liabilities that require such policies. Substance abuse training should be provided for supervisors, so they can recognize the signs, symptoms, behavioral changes, performance problems, and intervention concepts attendant to drug and alcohol abuse. A drug and/or alcohol testing program should be considered; and if testing is adopted, it should conform to proper procedures. Sanctions should be determined for those who violate the antidrug policy, with an appeals process delineated. Finally, the cost-effectiveness and success of the program should be monitored regularly. A list of resources and appended sample policy, supervisor checklist for determining reasonable cause, applicant's consent to drug/alcohol testing, employee notice and acknowledgment of employer testing requirements, and employee notice and acknowledgement for testing after rehabilitation